Gelert Pet Nutrition

Gelert Pet Nutrition is a wholly independent family owned pet food manufacturer. Started in 1982, this small family business has become a major pet food manufacturer in the UK.

Our sole commitment is to produce consistent, premium foods of uncompromising quality. To achieve this, we work closely with a small number of trusted suppliers from whom we specially select the most wholesome, flavorsome and nutritious ingredients. We pay a premium for the best ingredients available.

The foods are then freshly manufactured at our own modern factory each week ­ this is your guarantee of freshness and quality. All our foods are based on tried and tested formulations, and as such, are used by a wide variety of professional users and enthusiast alike, and have been fed to many generations of dogs and cats.

Gelert Country Choice for Sporting & Working Dogs

Gelert Country Choice Premium range is specially formulated for sporting and working dogs, it's popular with estate managers, farmers, breeders and dog owners because it's wheat free and highly digestible.

The Gelert Country Choice premium range dog food is now available to buy on-line, for all our other products, please contact us for your nearest local stockist.

It's hypoallergenic but what's in it?

We're really picky about what we put in our dog food.:

  • We use easily digestible rice instead of wheat in our premium range.
  • Each ration contains high levels of quality protein e.g. lamb, chicken or ocean fish
  • All the lamb and chicken comes from approved EU meat plants and is fit for human consumption.
  • Every bag has a full set of trace elements, vitamins and minerals - vital for growth, health, reproduction and survival.
  • Fortified with natural antioxidants to boost the immune system
  • Rich in omega 3 & 6 oils for healthy skin and coat
  • No soya, wheat, beef, GM ingredients or fillers ­ which can all upset dogs who may be intolerant to any of these ingredients.
  • No added artificial colours flavours or preservatives ­ we believe natural is best
  • Fortified with glucosamine & chondrotin to keep those hard working joints healthy.

Won't it cost the earth?

No, because we don't just sell the range, we make it in fresh batches every week, at our family-owned factory.

There's no middle-man, and no large advertising or marketing expenditure, we prefer to focus on the quality of the ingredients and food we make, so we can pass on the savings to you the dog owner.

You'll find it very competitively priced against other leading dog food brands of similar quality.

Never tried Gelert Country Choice before?

Try our 2kg bags available in all good pet food shops and country stores.